Poly Welding & Fabrication


  • Single High Pressure Mobile Track Poly Welder: Bushranger630 and Bushranger500
  • Field Machines; 160mm 355mm, 500mm, 630mm and 800mm
  • Workshop fabrication and extrusion welding
  • Electrofusion and Socket Fusion Welding
  • Electronic Data Recording of Electrofusion and Butt Fusion Welding
  • Pontoon and Float Fabrication
  • Suction strainers
  • Manifolds
  • Chutes and Launders
  • Covers and Guards
  • Custom Pipes and Fittings
  • Custom Tanks and Boxes

Current Major Projects:

Integra Underground LW16 Development
800mm 630mm 450mm and 280mm Gas Drainage Network for

Hunter Valley Operations Reticulation Network
710mm 500mm 450mm 400mm and 315mm Raw Water